Workshop Information and Pricing

 The Kite workshop is a formal introduction to kiting and kite building. 


They are geared to the particular age group of the participants. A variety of subjects are discussed; flying safety, the principals of flight, kite history, flight characteristics, kite bridles and their importance, environmental relationship, how math relates to kiting and kite building; i.e.: ratios, algebra and geometry.  Also discussed are the connection between music and kiting and how the two are applied to competitive kiting. Participants are encouraged to actively participate, by asking questions, building their own kite, and most important, fly them. A classroom or lab is an ideal setting to conduct the workshop. A gym or atrium is ideal for indoor kite flying.

Following the building portion of the workshop we will assemble on a near by field to fly our kites. I will demonstrate flying techniques and offer flying lessons to those who wish to experience stunt kite flying. Weather permitting.

Workshop pricing is available upon request at